Celebration of Life Program

Magnificent trees ... they shelter us, warm us, shade us and provide us with life giving oxygen. One of nature’s best gifts to mankind, the planting of trees has always symbolized peace, life, growth and hope for the future.

Supporting a tree is a meaningful way to remember and celebrate the lives of the people we love. It’s an enduring gift for the future that also helps the environment. A gift of trees is suitable for holidays, memorials, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries or any life passage or achievement you want to celebrate or honor.

Visalia Community Enhancement Foundation invites you to celebrate your milestone by supporting trees that have been planted in our parks or along our trails or waterways.

Option 1: Download and Mail:

You can download and print the form. Then fill it out and mail the form to Visalia Community Enhancement Foundation, P. O. Box 1032, Visalia, CA 93278

Option 2: Fill Out the Form Online:

Click here to fill out our new online form.

After sending in your information, please use the Donate button below to pay for your level of requested tree (see listing above for cost).  The Foundation will get ahold of you with a confirmation and any additional details.